Give Chiropractic Medicine a Try for Your Back Problems

Canada is nice. Even in the winter it is nice. You have to at least appreciate cold and snow for the winter, though. I am at the age that I just like to only see it in pictures. A nice snow scene in the golden evening light is beautiful, especially if the tree branches have snow on them. Yes, very nice. That is, unless you slip on the stuff. My clumsiness has helped keep Vancouver chiropractors in business. Have you ever had one of those slips where you almost fall? You know, the ones where your foot or feet slip on snow or ice and you do this crazy dance to keep from falling? Well, I had one of those happen to me, and I tore up my back something fierce.

I did not feel much at first, but it got a whole lot worse as the hours went by. In the late evening I was dosing on the ibuprofen and sitting in a hot bath. It did not do much to help. It just took the edge off the pain. I went to bed and tried to get comfortable. I hurt all night. I fell asleep and awoke at daybreak after much restlessness. Then, when I tried to get up, I was in trouble. I had to get out of bed a little at a time. I could barely roll over. I clawed and maneuvered my way to an upright position sitting on the edge of the bed. The next adventure was showering and getting dressed. I called a chiropractor to explain my problem. I was seen right away.

It was a sight to see me make it down the stairs and into our van. My wife drove me to the chiropractor. I was able to drive back! The treatment offered me much needed relief on the spot. It was not totally fixed, but I could get around. A few more treatments and I was fine.