Why My Chiropractor is So Important to Me

I am the type of person who will choose natural treatments over any other kind when at all possible. I know there are times when surgery is necessary, and I also know that prescription pain pills can alleviate horrible pain. I also know that surgery is quite invasive, and pain pills can become addictive if taken for too long of a period. That is why I choose to see my Santa Rosa chiropractor when I start having certain symptoms. If pain is one of them, I will almost always see my chiropractor over my primary care physician.

This is because I learned a lot on my initial visit to the chiropractor I still use years later. I learned how the spinal cord is related to nearly everything in the body. Nerves are going from the spine to every area of the body, which is why a chiropractor can treat everything from a headache to pain in the feet, with every area in between being covered too for the most part. I was having horrible menstrual cramps before, and my chiropractor was even able to help me find relief from those too!

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea now. I am not saying a chiropractor is a magic doctor that can fix anything and everything. What I am saying is that the chiropractor understands a person’s body because of years of training, and they are able to devise treatment plans that can include things from adjustments to physical therapy, massage therapy and at home exercises. They incorporate different programs into a treatment plan, and that is why they are so successful in treating different issues. I know that my chiropractor is able to help me with a lot of thing I have been experiencing in the last few years, which is the reason why I will go to him first most times.